Do you have a role in telling Ballarat's stories?

Do you have a role in telling Ballarat's stories?

Ballarat Interpretation Framework workshop - 23 October 2015

The City of Ballarat's advisory committee for heritage (Ballarat Heritage Advisory Committee or BHAC) have identified the need to develop an implementation plan for telling Ballarat’s story in more integrated and innovative ways (the ‘interpretation framework’).

Interpretation, in this sense, refers to all the ways in which Ballarat’s stories are communicated to visitors and residents – bringing Ballarat’s places, history and stories to life.  Interpretation methods can include traditional approaches such as plaques, signs and brochures as well as through design and other innovative methods, such as using new technology, art and performance.

We'd like to invite creative and practical thinkers who have a role in interpreting the stories of Ballarat to come along and set the agenda for interpretation in Ballarat. If this sounds like you contact us and include a short statement about your interest in participating.