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Save Civic Hall Poster Source: Merle Hathaway

Allan Steinman talks Civic Hall Live Music

history with Judith Buchanan 

Voice FM 15 June 2017 







Civic Hall Live Music Roster 

Poster source: Judith Buchanan






Crosscurrents was an exciting open mic event which gave Ballarat musicians a performance space, sparking careers and inspiring a now famous festival - read the history to find out which one ...

Crosscurrents History by Jack Harvey - Nerrina Space & St Paul's Hall


Her Majesty's Theatre

Did you know that we nearly lost Her Majesty's Theatre? By 1963 the theatre was in a state of disrepair. Performers made their way from dressing room to stage holding umberellas to stop themselves from being rained upon! Here is a rare recording of Ballarat Light Opera Company director, Neil Case, making the case for saving Her.

Articles from Ballarat Light Opera Company:The First Twenty one Years - 1959 - 1980 Click on image to read!


Carousel, Ballarat Light Opera Company program 1963 Source: Ballarat Historical Society


Articles from Ballarat Light Opera Company - The First Twenty one Years - 1959 - 1980 source: Nancy Sedgwick

Speech by BLOC director Neil Case to save Her Majesty's Theatre 1963, directly after their performance of Carousel

Articles and audio source: Nancy Sedgwick

Carousel programme source: Ballarat Historical Society 





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