I am a researcher

View over Soldiers Hill from Town Hall tower in 1872 (William Bardwell, State Library of Victoria)

Part of Main Road, Ballarat in 1859 (Source: State Library of Victoria)

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I am a researcher

In working with the HUL approach the City of Ballarat and its partners have developed a range of tools to map and document the city’s rich and complex histories and explored how the approach can be adapted for Ballarat to address complex city challenges. This will help researchers interested in the HUL approach and those interested in our city. 


Review the HUL research to-date



Explore Ballarat's histories

You can find out more about Ballarat and research your own history with our city’s local history groups and organisations


Map the connections

  • The Visualising Ballarat mapping tool is an interactive way to explore the city’s landscape, ecology, history and regulatory frameworks and use this information to support decisions about change in Ballarat and its evolving so watch this space!


Understand our current values

  • The Ballarat Imagine community consultation uncovered what the community loves, values and imagines for the future of Ballarat

  • Uncover community values for specific areas around our city through consultation summaries [link to MySay archive – FORTHCOMING] and community engagement reports [link to collection online – FORTHCOMING]


Make connections

If you would like to be put in touch with local researchers or specialist community groups, the Community Development team can connect you. Contact them on info@ballarat.vic.gov.au or call 5320 5500.

If you would like to find out more about Ballarat’s HUL pilot program the City of Ballarat’s Heritage and Cultural Landscapes team can help. Contact them directly on heritage@ballarat.vic.gov.au or call +61 3 5320 5500.