Memory Atlas

Memory Atlas is a documentary project that brings to life the memories of the people of Ballarat.  

The project humanises the bricks and mortar of Ballarat by acknowledging the lives that have been led in this city - the stories of places where someone had a first kiss, lost a bet, slept on the street, was married or nursed a loved one in their final days, for example. Every space, window, door, wall and roof in this city has been the setting for love, loss, risk and reward. The Memory Atlas allows people to see what has happened in these places, to hear these stories and to relate them back to their own experiences.

Stories recorded by the people of Ballarat are being made accessible to a global audience, creating an historical, subjective alternative to dry objective historical accounts of a city. It is hoped that the citizens of Ballarat take the initiative to create their own Memory Atlas chapters or documentaries to be continually added to the bank of stories. 

Memory Atlas helps give the city a human voice.  


Dot Wickham, 183 Scott Parade Ballarat East

Judith Bailey, Ballarat Observatory, 439 Cobden Street Mount Pleasant

Les Hardy, Brown Hill Band Hall

Loris Forbes, Southern Indoor Tennis Centre, 8-40 Grant Street Sebastopol

George Wilkins, Titanic Bandstand, Sturt Street Ballarat

Lynne Muller, BLOC Theatre, 608 Peel Street North, Ballarat 

Norm Brown, Victoria Theatre, Sovereign Hill