Through the Web, Twitter, Facebook, and via postcards at events, markets, shops, cafes, local community groups and in the MyBallarat magazine; Ballarat Imagine was the largest community conversation the City of Ballarat has ever had with the community.

Based on the findings of Ballarat Imagine and underpinned by UNESCO's Historic Urban Landscape approach, Today, Tomorrow, Together: The Ballarat Strategy is the new long-term strategy for Ballarat.

Links and Resources

1. The Ballarat Strategy: Our Vision for 2040

Long-term vision of Ballarat based on the Ballarat Imagine findings.

2. Ballarat Imagine: What you said

Summary of Ballarat Imagine community feedback.

3. Ballarat Imagine open data sets

Ballarat Imagine was an open discussion run by the City of Ballarat in 2013 to enable all of Ballarat’s citizens to share what they love about Ballarat, what they would like to retain in Ballarat, and what they imagine for Ballarat in light of the extensive changes projected for their city. This data is available for public use.

4. Ten game changing questions for Ballarat's future

Following Ballarat Imagine, this document represented the first opportunity to be involved directly in the Ballarat Strategy, focusing on ten high-level ‘Game Changing Questions’ for Ballarat’s future. 

5. Preliminary Ballarat Strategy

The preliminary strategy sought to provide an update to the community on the proposed approaches being considered and investigated for the final Ballarat Strategy at this interim stage.

6. Today, tomorrow, together: The Ballarat Strategy (final)

This is the final version of Today, Tomorrow, Together: The Ballarat Strategy which outlines the long-term plan for a greener, more vibrant and connected Ballarat. It is supported by key concepts, policies and actions that will underpin land use decision-making in Ballarat over the next 25 years.